Rent Santa Orange County Christmas Party

Rent Santa Orange County Christmas Party

Rent a santa claus orange county California


*Mission Viejo, CA

* Some years ago, when on a mission with the Orange County Grand Jury, I used to be requested to don a Santa suit for a charity event. I determined my authentic calling – channeling my internal infant and speaking from the vicinity of the heart. This is how I join deeply with each child who truly wants to be in the moment as the magic of Santa lets them speak from their area of heart as well.


Locally; I select to travel inside the County of Orange only.


National – If given the chance to work nationally, I am open to that.

International – This is my actual preference. I am open to all destinations. Having been born in Sydney, Australia, I keep both Australian and US citizenship with accompanying passports that will be renewed in 2020. My Australian passport additionally makes it much less complicated to travel to the UK as properly as all Commonwealth nations.


I do have an accomplice I have known for 53 years who is as adaptable to any given venue as I am. She would be a very capable Mrs. Claus. Though retired, she used to be a professional florist and all through her career was once selected via the US Navy to create the 50th-anniversary memorial wreath laid above the sunken USS Arizona in Pearl Harbor. The US Navy additionally tapped her to create a one-hundred-foot Hawaiian lei for the bow of the plane carrier USS Ronald Reagan when it lowers back from energetic responsibility to its homeport in San Diego. She holds a US passport and has lived in Japan where she taught English as a 2nd language. While there, she was once observed by using an ad organization that employed her for a range of advert campaigns. She speaks fluent Spanish and sufficient Japanese to get by.


*Danville, CA

* Santa Mike loves children! His jolly Santa Claus personality exudes warmth, compassion, joy, and the magical spirit of the excursion season. He’s a retired scientist with a significant trip in public speaking, teamwork, and national/international mission management. He speaks some German and knows sufficient signal language to share Christmas party cheer with hearing-impaired children. He’s Santa for the well-known “Christmas in the Park” in San Jose and has appeared at schools, breakfasts with Santa, and stores.


Santa for hire in all of the many communities in the East and South San Francisco Bay location and San Francisco.