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Hula dancers providing a variety of Hawaiian entertainment for all types of events. Call in to speak to event coordinator to get the gist of what the entertainment entails and what the packages consist of. Many types of events can utilize Hawaiian dancers, drummers, fire shows and classes. Examples of party ideas like kids birthdays, corporate events, holidays, grown-up birthdays, anniversaries, wedding receptions, city festivity additions and any reason to just simply enjoy a nice Tahitian show. We help people have a good time via hula dancers bringing a aloha vibe to their venue.

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Hire Hawaiian Dancers

Celebrate your Event with Hawaiian Entertainment

Do you really want to add some special flair to your next coming party and want to give “WOW” feeling to the guests? Yes, you can arrange traditional Hawaiian party or feast that is usually accompanied by traditional Hawaiian music and hula dancing. Hosting a Hawaiian Party will be the super way to celebrate your happiness and bring the essence of Hawaii to you and your guests. All dancers with best coconut bras, grass skirts and lei garlands will make your mood happier and give feeling of joy. So, if you are struggling to choose best for your next coming event then we suggest you select best Hawaiian entertainment options and Hawaiian décor ideas for your next soiree. Hawaiian themed events are a great chance to dress summery, drink fruity cocktails and immerse up Hawaiian culture in a great way.

While arranging a Hawaiian party or festival, your guests can wear dresses like locals. For ladies- floral dress or a grass skirt with a coconut bra, floral bracelets, headbands, anklets and lei necklace is a great place to start. Foe men- chinos or board shorts with a floral shirt and lei garland will suffice. The party will give you a feeling of fancy-dress function.

With hiring the Hawaiian and Hula dancers, your guests can take the benefit of unimaginable experience of live dancing and singing. We assure that our dancers can make you feel enjoying during the party.

Everything from the big screen comes alive in the Hawaiian theme with amazing Hula dancers who will dance by serving drinks and sweets. Of соursе, we can tаіlоr this thеmе, like all our other thеmеs, according to your guеsts’ particular needs so that it suіts your рrіvаtе funсtіоn or соrроrаtе еvеnt. Yоu just tell us what you have in mind and lеаvе the rеst to us. We always love entertaining events of all kinds. We can add many things to a Hawaiian party celebrated with family and friends. We can add Polynesian drummers even to your party anytime.

  • Chuckie Cheese in Aventura Florida is a great place to celebrate a kids birthday party with hiring hula dancers.
  • The Monkeys Tree house is a favorite place for us in Nashville Tennessee to hire hula dancers.
  • The Playroom NYC is an amazingly fun place to celebrate with Hawaiian entertainment for your kids birthday party and hula dance lessons.
  • Centennial Park is a great place in celebrating kids birthdays especially with our amazing performers.
  • Brackenridge park in San Antonio is a great place to hold a birthday party with our Hawaiian entertainment, we frequent this place.
  • Balboa park in San Diego is another amazing place to celebrate birthdays for kids and adult bbq’s and have the Polynesian dancers come by to put on a show.

Lets us come and hire the experienced Hula and Hawaiian dancers and feel how great it can be for kids’ birthdays, sweet 15 party, wedding receptions, anniversary parties, 50th birthday etc.

Conclusion: If your kid’s birthday, any wedding, any party is coming then you can choose the unique and the best way to celebrate it in the society that people will say “WOW”. There can be many parks, museums, birthdays halls, and wedding palaces where you can get arrangements of your special day. The Hawaiian and Hula dancers will give you the special smile on the faces of the children and all. Here at our platform, you can get all you want for your Party. Arrange your parties with us. We will bring unique Hula dancers to your event. We can arrange Hora Loca, superhero party, Holiday party, Princess, party and fairy parties. Come to us and take your party to the higher level.

Hire Hula Dancers

*Hula Girl Party Character

*Hula Girl Party Activities

*Hula Performance and Hula Lesson

* The party starts with the Hula lady educating the young people or guests some primary hula moves. Next, your visitors will examine some simple choreography and put on a simple performance, accompanied through a quick overall performance by using the Hula girl, herself! The dancing component of the party is advocated ultimate 15-30 minutes and can be customized for adolescents or adults.

*After the dancing element of the party, you may additionally choose from any of the following activities. Activities are performed as time allows, based totally upon your preferences!

Glitter Face Painting

* Simple cheek, hand, and forehead designs like snowflakes, butterflies, flowers, snowmen, spiders, snakes, skulls, princess crowns, and greater with a splash of glitter!
* Designs may also range per performer and might also need to be simplified depending on the number of children in attendance.

* We usually, provide designs for each boy and female and encourage all kids to participate!

Balloon Twisting

* Simple single-balloon creations such as flowers, butterflies, dogs, cats, dinosaurs, and swords.


* The Hula Girl can do easy makeup for each of the children, including lip gloss, blush, glitter on the cheeks, and eye shadow. She can also do easy hair braiding for the female however this will take extra time, or you can add on a hair stylist to do deluxe braids in the children’s hair! See below in our “deluxe activities.”


* The Hula Girl can play a range of video games with the teens at your party! She will deliver a tropical friend (plush) to help play some themed games such as “Hot Potato” with the Parrot, “Where’s the Fish?” (a guessing game), Hide and Seek, Musical Chairs, Limbo, etc.*Photos with the Hula Girl

* The Hula Girl will pose for all the quintessential photos: Photos with the birthday girl, Family Photos, Group Photos with all the kids, and even person images with all the youngsters if time allows!*Singing Happy Birthday

* At about 10 minutes earlier than the character has to leave, we suggest bringing out the cake and singing Happy Birthday to the Birthday Girl with the Hula Girl present. She will then say her goodbyes, and on her way out the door, she will offer hugs goodbye to all the youth who would like one. So hire hula dancers to make your event so much nicer with a positive vibe we look into the main thing here is let us help you!