Costs of Packages?

Q. What is the PRICE ? there are numerous factors engaged with the cost. Most factors are because of time and kind of administration.

— Location of occasion.

— Time spent at occasion (don’t anticipate that entertainers should spend in excess of 15 min managing any issues, for example, trusting that customer will get cash from an atm/extreme stopping issues/valet issues/customer taking as much time as is needed blending drinking mixed drinks while entertainers pause/and so on I “Proprietor” could list 100’s of impolite conduct I’ve actually experienced throughout the years. These unreliable activities won’t be endured by any means, on the off chance that it is done, it starts to take advantage of your occasion time). We have a duty to numerous customers consistently, it’s your JOB as a customer to be arranged and be the chief at the occasion. It is out of line to the entertainer’s time and different customers after you, if you’re reckless. Entertainers will show up before the expected time to get dressed and set up. Regard our time since 1 awful client causes a domino impact on each other occasion.

— what number entertainers.

— Please have your inquiries prepared before bringing in.

Q. Do the performers come dressed already? No, could you imagine driving a car in a Mickey Mouse mascot head on (one would hit about 10 cars on the way)?

Q: Does the entertainer bring an aide? No, except if its the LED Robot or Giant Transformer (than it’s required – you pay for that partner)

Q. Will the entertainer seek 1 youngster? Indeed we do this constantly.

Q. Will the entertainer go to a congregation or school? indeed we do this consistently.

Q. Will the entertainer play with the youngsters? Truly with the intuitive party.

Q. Will the entertainer focus on the birthday youngster? Completely in light of the fact that it’s their extraordinary day.

Q. Will the characters go to an authentic cause occasion at a clinic? Perhaps, yet just the proprietor of the organization is eager to give his spare time for example good cause work if time licenses. You should bring in to inquire.

Q. Does the entertainer bring a music box? Indeed a battery fueled.

Q. Should we tip the entertainer? It isn’t required to tip, yet in the event that you like the administration, at that point yea tip the entertainer. A little heads up, entertainers give out rebate coupons at parties.

Installment Policy: All stores are nonrefundable however can be credited to a future occasion for as long as 1 year. These stores are to bolt up a performer’s plan and for us to stay away from ambivalent clients or contender organizations untrustworthy deceitful reservations. We can drop your occasion if your conduct is unstable with us. Again all stores are non-refundable.