Office Christmas Party

office christmas party
christmas party

Christmas Office Party & Christmas Party Events

Another year, another Christmas office to organize. Dust the decorations of last year, book the room and you are about to call the catering company to order the same trays of sandwiches and sausage rolls that you order each year when you get a brain wave: why not do something a little different for the team this year?

  • Brickell Miami office parties with major companies is always happening and your office should jump on this idea.
  • LA fitness in Pembroke Pines Florida celebrated last year with us coordinating their Christmas party at the office.
  • The Zaza hotel celebration last year was amazing for us in celebrating a office party with Christmas theme decor and entertainment. It had a great ballroom to fit 400 people from a major company party.

Christmas is the very important festival that is celebrated all over the world with passion. In these days. Almost 95 % of the people in offices as well as with their friends love to enjoy the parties. People do enjoy the party for five to seven days near Christmas. All work in the offices get closed and people only enjoy the celebrations. Today, adding Santa characters in the Parties are in Trend. Kids or young love to add them to enjoy singing, dancing, photo shooting, face painting as well as in cake cutting. We are talking about the Santa involvement in your party.

The office Christmas party is a way to thank the staff for their incredible work throughout the year. You’re trying to make the whole team feel appreciated and have a little fun at the same time. So save posters and mini trees that are worthwhile and try one of these new ideas for the Christmas holidays.

Theme Decorations and Theme Planning: РLАΝΝІΝG the event is another! So be sure to follow our advice at the end to organize a stress-free Christmas party and gain access to an extraordinary promotion!

Christmas Party

christmas party ideas

1. The incredible competition party

Inspired by the TV show, The Amazing Race is a Christmas party and a team building exercise in one. Organize a treasure hunt in different locations in your area: it’s great if you can force customers and other interested parties to organize some of the stops. You can also launch some “obstacle” challenges there; where participants cannot move on to the next stage until they have completed a specific task, such as getting some kind of physical enterprise or eating something unpleasant.

It is good that the teams collect a flag or a seal or some kind of object at each stop, or to take a picture of a specific scene, so you can be sure that they have actually been at each pit stop.

Christmas Party

office christmas party

2. The ugly Christmas sweater party

Do you know those horrible Christmas sweaters, with Santa’s felt with a soft wool beard and a reindeer with silver stitching around the horns? I’m talking about the sweaters in horrible shades of green, brown and purple, that your grandmother buys you every year and throw yourself into the darkest depths of your closet as soon as Christmas is over. Well, pull out those bestial sweaters, because the theme of this year’s Christmas party is “to embrace ugliness”.

Everyone is in charge of finding a Christmas sweater to wear at the party. Anyone who does not show up with a sweater will receive one of the spare sweaters he has available, and a pair of reindeer ears or some other shameful support. Dесоrаtе thе rооm wіth brіght and fun decorations and offer a reward for the most impressive sweater.

Christmas Party Ideas

office christmas party

3. A Christmas masquerade ball

If your office is casual, why not encourage everyone to come dressed for a masquerade party? In the invitation, perhaps you can explain the history of masked dances and connect with some tutorials on how to create masks to make you think of all the ideas yourself.

For decorations, think of harlequin patterns, theatrical masks and anything decadent: a winter theme of wonders could also work perfectly. Serve snacks and funky cocktails and keep the music at full speed all night long.

For those who have not come with a mask, or who want to give it a little more dynamism, install a station to create masks with colored papers, bows, markers, pens, glitter and other decorations. In one corner of the room, it creates an area for photo booths with a curtain base and an accessory box; mustaches, magic wands, Santa’s hats, feather boas and funny signs.

Tips for Christmas party

For some people, the holiday season means running, buying frantically and stressing a list of things to do. While it is easy to leave things out of control, it is important to slow down and remember what makes Christmas so magical: union and tradition. Get everyone together for a fun event by organizing a little Christmas party for the kids. Create lasting memories for the little ones and participate in simple festive activities for both during the holiday season.

1.Prepare the gingerbread house

Raise the roof with a marzipan party. For small children, it is possible to pre-build small gingerbread houses or Graham cookies. The best “glue” to hold the walls together is the true formation of ice.

Prepare a variety of candies and give each child a plastic bag full of ice that has been tied with a small hole in the corner. Show them some basic ideas for decorating houses, how to use grated coconut like snow and then make them create their masterpieces. For favors, it is possible to provide aprons for children or gingerbread cookies in cellophane bags.

2. Exchange of Christmas cookies

Making cookies is a fun Christmas tradition, but creating more than two or three types of cookies can be a challenge. Fortunately, you can organize a fun exchange of cookies for the kids at the party. Just ask guests to bring two dozen of the same type of cookie to the party, plus enough copies of the recipe for each participant. Show the cookies on a table with the recipe cards and the name of the child next to each tray.

Craft Christmas

It was not so long ago that Christmas gifts were made instead of buying them. Recover the tradition by organizing a Christmas party.

You can do it in a simple way by making sure that the Christmas party focuses only on the decorations and establishes three seasons so that the children can make different tree decorations. It could also make children undertake other astute vacation projects like making advent calendars.

Regardless of the company ideas for the Christmas party you choose, if you want it to be a success, don’t keep it in the office. You can have your party patronized by a famous chef or have a famous artist play and sing, but you’ll never have a fun event that you can’t miss next year if the place where the employees work takes place. Being in the place where they normally do makes the temptation to talk about a job too compelling, even if Yo Yo Ma is playing.

Daytime Advantages to think about

Even if we tend to think that holidays are important for the night, they don’t have to be. Even if the idea of your company ‘s Christmas party is to organize a meal for your guests in a restaurant or hotel, there is no reason for not to be a brunch or a lunch instead of a dinner or a afternoon tea. There are advantages to keeping the event in the daytime. People will drink less for lunch instead of dinner. Simply changing the time of day can make alcohol a minor problem and help ensure that your group does not vomit for entertainment.

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Christmas Elves

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Ideas for Christmas entertainment: we offer new and traditional entertainment ideas for Christmas parties and events, including Christmas-themed entertainment for corporate Christmas parties or Christmas parties for private parties and parties. We also offer the best Christmas street artists, shopping malls and Christmas promotions in the city center to attract and entertain the crowd. Get in touch with us to get the best Christmas artists available for any event!

If you are organizing a corporate event and want some less traditional options like LED robots, dancing Santa’s or stilt walkers. These all can make your party more appealing and memorable to every minds of the guests. It can give more relax to the loaded minds of the workers. You can plan for children events in your weddings quincineras, bar mitzvahs, anniversaries, retirements and elderly home events. Ноrа Lоса LЕD Rоbоts can give you the show for 30 to 45 minutes and can grab all your guests and take them all to the dаnсе flооr to make sure that everyone in your wedding is еnјоуіng the night of the party.