1st Birthday Party Ideas

1st Birthday Party Characters Ideas

The 1st birthday for a kid is a very unique event for the parties. 1st birthday parties tend to have lots of kids and adults of different ages. Children and parents both need to be entertained at the party. Every event needs a party theme even if it is a first birthday party. Common choices of costumes are Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and Elmo.

A theme helps to make a festive flowing environment at your party. For any event adding a first birthday party, decorating to a theme presents a unique feeling. Some party theme ideas contain black light western, luau, Mardi Gras, Hawaiian hula dancers, movie or cartoon characters. Mexican fiesta, 50s, roaring, 20s disco, sports, hippie 60s, patriotic and crazy hats. Make your own theme by gathering 2 themes. Like have Mardi Gras theme using white, red and blue. The party theme should be followed throughout each aspect of the event adding the food decorations, invitations, and music. The invitations should not just show the them but also set the tone of the party as to whether it will be formal or casual.

Party activities and games include excitement to any event. Forever have a couple planned even if you are not truly going to use them. They make best backup activities for events might get boring or need a fresh direction. Some party ideas for party activities and games contain: brain games, crafts, and physical games. Forever have an extra game or activity to fill a possible lull at the party.

Prizes, party music, and party favors are best party ideas to make an ending touch to make sure a best time by all. Set up the party music to your party subject matter a few days before the event. Test the music player. Do not wait till the day before! Party characters centerpieces can be increased as party prizes. Every person loves to win a prize. For events that have assigned seating, an image frame can be used as place-card holders which can also be used as party favors or prizes. Gift flowers, baskets make wonderful centerpieces and can also be used for party prizes.

Some food ideas are a watermelon carved out like a basket packed with fruit smoothie bar or fruit fruits where the kids can pick what drinks they would like to have. This is a fit substitute to cake and ice-cream but you will have too loses any of the excitement.